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We offer a “4 Core” Management Approach:

Asset Management

Property Management

Relationship Management

Project Management


From Pre-Acquisition to Day-to-day Operations, there is due-diligence needed to effectively control any Real Estate Property. Why not make this process easy?


We at 1st Estates believe that the ultimate product of successful property management is the satisfaction of the owners. Every aspect of your property will be managed effectively and efficiently to insure the highest yield in revenue.  


Asset Management - Business planning and budgeting.  

Many investments groups and financial institutions may request to see a plan for the property you want to acquire.

Our plans include:

<          Lay out of building, lot size, and layout of all apartments

<          Current Rent Roll 

<          Comparative Market Analysis of rent

<          Operating Cost

<          Projected operating cost 5 years updated annually  

Our budgets include:

<          Operations Pro Forma  

<          Net Operating Cost

<          Maintenance Fees

<          Supply Fees

<          Salaries  

<          Expenditures


Property Management - Administration

<          Weekly update reports on entire property functions

<          Send out all correspondence

<          Interpretation of documents

<          Keeping abreast of legislative changes affecting associations

<          Maintain all permits and certificates in accordance with the law.

<          Filing necessary paperwork with required jurisdictions.  


Relationship Management - Building and Retention

This encompasses all the relationships that are made when owning a business. We spend a major portion of our efforts on marketing and public relations. These are some of the key relationships in management:

<          Tenant Relations

<          Vendor Relations

<          Contractor Relations

<          Employee Relations

<          Landlord Relations                  

<          Community Relations                  

<          City Agency Relations  


Project Management – Development, Routine, and Major Capital Improvements  

<          Preventative and Routine Maintenance                  

<          Review bids from contractors                  

<          Boiler, Elevator, Septic, and Roof Inspections                  

<          Apartment Inspections as required in specific jurisdiction                  

<          Daily inspection of all construction projects                  

<          Weekly punch lists for contractors and owners                  

<          All required procedures for MCI and J-51  


1st  Estates Management & Consulting also offers...      

1.      Commercial Real Estate Consulting                  

2.      Condo Conversion Options

3.      NYCHA Compliance and Inspections

4.      HUD Compliance                 

5.      DHCR Compliance

6.      Financing and Refinancing Options

7.      OSHA Training and Certification

8.      Notary Services (New York and Georgia Only)



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